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Reno Concrete Solutions stands as Carson City's premier decorative concrete contractor, setting the standard for quality, craftsmanship, and customer service.

Our team is not only licensed and insured for your peace of mind, but we are also keenly committed to bringing your vision to life with precision and finesse. With extensive experience under our belts, we lead the industry in stamped concrete techniques and design.

Whether you're envisioning a new patio, walkway, or driveway, our dedicated professionals are equipped with the latest tools and a wealth of knowledge to ensure superior results that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Trust us to enhance the beauty and value of your property with concrete work that stands the test of time.

For projects big or small, rely on the expertise that only Reno Concrete Solutions can provide.



Concrete Driveway Contractors Carson City NV

Stamped Concrete Driveways

Transform your driveway into a stunning showpiece with Reno Concrete Solutions' stamped concrete driveways. Our craftspeople expertly blend design with durability, offering a multitude of patterns and colors to complement your home's architecture.

Say goodbye to mundane driveways; our stamped concrete options emulate high-end materials like natural stone, brick, and cobblestone, at a fraction of the cost.

Customizable and low-maintenance, a stamped concrete driveway by Reno Concrete Solutions not only stands up to Carson City’s diverse weather conditions but also adds instant curb appeal and increases property value.

Make a lasting impression with a driveway that pairs practicality with aesthetic elegance.

stamped concrete driveway in Carson City, NV with a unique stamp pattern
In Carson City, a residential project boasts a new orange-painted concrete driveway with a flagstone pattern. Yellow caution tape restricts access to the freshly painted area. A neatly trimmed green lawn flanks the driveway, and the house features beige walls and a red-tiled roof, thanks to skilled concrete contractors.

Stained Concrete Driveways

Enhance your home's curb appeal with a stained concrete driveway from Reno Concrete Solutions. Our staining process infuses your driveway with rich, deep tones, creating a unique and inviting entry to your home.

With a broad spectrum of color choices, our driveways complement any home style, adding a luxurious touch to the exterior of your property. Resilient against daily wear, our stained concrete driveways remain vibrant and are easy to maintain, guaranteeing a lasting impression.

Choose Reno Concrete Solutions to infuse your driveway with color and character that resonates with Carson City's charm.

Concrete Slab Driveways

Opt for the timeless strength and simplicity of a concrete slab driveway from Reno Concrete Solutions.

Ideal for Carson City homes, our slab driveways offer a sleek, smooth surface that endures the test of time and weather.

Expertly poured and finished to prevent cracks and withstand heavy loads, our concrete slabs provide a reliable and functional foundation for your vehicles. With minimal upkeep, this economical option promises durability and a classic look that never goes out of style.

Let us lay the groundwork for your home with a concrete slab driveway that epitomizes both practicality and quality

local contractor leveling this newly poured concrete slab driveway in Carson City, NV
A beige single-story house in Carson City, NV, with a two-car garage and an arched front entryway, framed by tall palm trees and well-manicured shrubs. The yard features a large green lawn and a paved driveway under a partly cloudy sky, expertly crafted by local concrete contractors as part of a residential project.

Exposed Aggregate Driveways

Experience the rustic charm and unique texture of an exposed aggregate driveway by Reno Concrete Solutions.

Our technique of stripping away the top layer to reveal the natural stone beneath offers a distinctive appearance and superior grip. This artistic approach is not only aesthetically appealing but also incredibly durable, resisting the harsh climates of Carson City with ease.

The variety of colors and textures available ensures your driveway won't just be functional, but a standout feature of your property.

Opt for an exposed aggregate driveway and invest in lasting beauty and durability that complements your home's exterior.

Concrete and Artificial Grass Driveways

Introducing the perfect blend of nature and durability with Reno Concrete Solutions' concrete and artificial grass driveways. This innovative hybrid design combines the sturdy reliability of concrete with the lush appeal of artificial grass, creating a unique eco-friendly aesthetic.

Low maintenance and highly durable, these driveways ensure a green look year-round without the need for watering or mowing. Our expert installers masterfully integrate both materials to elevate your home's presence in the neighborhood while offering a practical, long-lasting surface suitable for any Carson City residence.

Choose a driveway that stands out and delivers performance with the creative touch of Reno Concrete Solutions.

concrete and artificial grass driveway in Carson City, NV

Concrete Patio Contractors Carson City

Stamped Concrete Patio

Elevate your outdoor living space with a luxurious stamped concrete patio from Reno Concrete Solutions.

Expertly crafted to mimic high-end materials like natural stone, wood, and tiles, our stamped concrete patios offer endless design possibilities tailored to your personal style. Durable against Carson City's weather and versatile in aesthetic, these patios provide a low-maintenance haven for relaxation and entertainment.

Our design team works closely with you to create a seamless extension of your home, promising a stunning, functional area that enhances the enjoyment and value of your property.

Choose excellence; choose Reno Concrete Solutions for your patio project.

personalized stamped concrete patio in Carson City, NV
A backyard patio in Carson City NV with a decorative stone pattern, featuring a seamless blend of varying shades of brown. The patio is beside a small set of stairs leading to a house, with two black grills and a garden hose against the house's exterior wall. A wooden fence surrounds this beautiful residential project.

Stained Concrete Patio

Bring a touch of personalized elegance to your outdoor area with Reno Concrete Solutions' stained concrete patios.

Our sophisticated staining process offers a diverse palette of colors that deeply penetrate the concrete, ensuring a lasting hue that won't fade. The stain reacts with the concrete surface to impart a rich, mottled finish, making each patio a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Ideal for Carson City's climate, these patios are low in maintenance and high in durability.

Let us transform your outdoor space into a vibrant extension of your home, where every color choice is an opportunity to showcase your style.

Pool Deck Contractors Carson City

Stamped Concrete Pool Decks

Create a resort-like oasis right in your backyard with Reno Concrete Solutions' stamped concrete pool decks.

Perfectly safe and exquisitely designed, our pool decks replicate upscale textures such as stone, tile, or wood, adding luxury without the high cost. Slip-resistant and able to stay cool under the intense Carson City sun, our stamped concrete is both functional and strikingly beautiful.

Customize your pool area with a range of colors and patterns, ensuring it becomes a dazzling centerpiece that elevates leisure and outdoor gatherings.

Choose stamped concrete for a pool deck that's both impressive and enduring.

custom-designed stamped concrete pool deck Carson City  NV
A backyard swimming pool with a clean, clear surface is partially shaded by patterned umbrellas. Surrounding the pool are shrubs and bushes providing privacy. The patio area is paved, showcasing the skill of concrete contractors in Carson City, NV. A neatly maintained grass patch rests at the edge, with a house visible in the background.

Kool Decking

Beat the heat with Reno Concrete Solutions' Kool Decking for your poolside escape.

Our Kool Decking technology is specifically engineered to stay cool underfoot, assuring comfort even on the hottest days in Carson City. Not only does it regulate surface temperature, but it also provides a textured, slip-resistant finish, ensuring safety for wet and dry conditions alike.

With its durability and aesthetic versatility, Kool Decking is an ideal choice for pool decks that are meant to endure time while maintaining visual appeal.

Embrace the fusion of functionality and style with our innovative Kool Decking solutions.

Concrete Slab Pouring Carson City NV

Reno Concrete Solutions is your go-to expert for concrete slab pouring in Carson City, NV. With precision and care, we lay robust slabs tailored to your project's specifications.

Whether for a new construction foundation, a backyard patio area, or an expansive outdoor entertainment space, our experienced team ensures a smooth, level finish.

Trust us to provide a slab that’s not only strong and durable against the elements but also serves as the perfect canvas for any aesthetic enhancements you may envision. We deliver concrete work that combines quality, efficiency, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

concrete slab pouring being performed in Carson City, NV
A close-up view of a freshly installed concrete curb amid a Carson City NV construction site, surrounded by gravel and rocky terrain. The curb's clean, smooth surface sits in stark contrast to the rough ground, with an orange marker stake in the background, showcasing expert work by local concrete contractors.

Concrete Sidewalk Installation Carson City NV

Sidewalks are a vital part of any community, and Reno Concrete Solutions is dedicated to installing durable, aesthetically pleasing sidewalks in Carson City, NV.

We use high-quality materials and innovative techniques to ensure each pathway is not only safe for pedestrians but also enhances the overall look of the neighborhood. Our commitment to excellence guarantees every sidewalk installation meets rigorous standards and withstands the test of time.

Choose our contractors for sidewalks that offer seamless functionality blended with curb appeal.

Concrete Curbing Carson City NV

Define shape and structure in your landscape with superior concrete curbing provided by Reno Concrete Solutions in Carson City, NV.

Expertly constructed curbs not only channel foot traffic and demarcate areas but also enhance the visual harmony of the space. Our concrete curbs are designed to be resilient and blend seamlessly with your current landscaping theme. Durable against weather and wear, choose our curbing services for a functional yet beautiful barrier that elevates the contour of your property.

Let Reno Concrete Solutions sculpt the edges of your outdoor haven with unrivaled quality and style.

concrete driveway resurfacing in Gardnerville, NV

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